Monday, 27 February 2012

If I had so many pencils...

Then I would definitely keep them in the most amazing pencil box ever made! With a blank plaque on the front for personalisation, the box measures about half a meter square and 20cm tall. Look how well it stacks and all the amazing pencils you could keep in there.
I'm sold. Maybe I should become an artist!
Available from none other than The Pencil Museum!

The Pencil Museum!

Would you believe there is a museum dedicated to pencils?! I know - how incredibly exciting. Thanks to a post by Zinc White on Facebook, I am now adding this to my list of summer excursions.
They host the world's longest pencil, the James Bond style World War 11 pencil; you can follow the history of pencil making and also find out exactly how we get lead into a pencil today.
Click here to link to their website.

Saturday, 25 February 2012

Reetsweet Craft Fairs

I am particularly proud of my friend Reetsweet's Rebecca Drury for how well she is doing in her bid to promote handmade crafts in the UK through a variety of craft fairs around Yorkshire. I remember when she first started out at the Corn Exchange, Leeds and she was very nervous and worried about how well it would go... PIPO was pleased to be able to display and sell her handmade cards, stationey and gifts and is even more so pleased now two years down the line....
Now she holds the events regularly, has to hand pick the crafters from a plethora of magnificent work - and has even been asked by Topshop to help find some crafters for their craft concession, and sell work through a festival. She has worked incredibly hard and it seems that I keep coming across her name in all places, high and low. You can read her feature in the Guardian Leeds here.
And this picture, incase you're wondering, is a not very flattering one of PIPO at the Corn Exchange Christmas Fair selling Book Clocks, Upcycled Envelopes, Button Bird Gift Tags, and Tin Can Angels (wonderful Christmas decorations made from recycled drinks cans). I actually look quite busy here!

PIPO's Upcycled Envelopes

PIPO now has a site dedicated just to the Upcycled Envelopes! Due to their popularity, we decided to give them their own site, with room for their own pictures, news and orders. Made from unwanted and recycled materials and papers, each envelope is self-sealinga and comes with a plain notecard for you to customise and send off in the post!
PIPO can also create personalised ones just for you, your company or your party/wedding. Got a particular theme and you want to add that extra bit of sparkle? Why not send your invites out in personalised envelopes, or send a personalised envelope for your guests to return their RSVPs. Have a look at and don't forget - feedback is always welcome! :)